Highly skilled child psychiatrist with practices in Helsinki and Seinäjoki

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I have practices in Helsinki and Seinäjoki dedicated to child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry. With many decades of experience in both child and adult psychiatry, I can support patients of all ages at difficult points in their lives. Where I can help children is with disturbances in psychological development, difficulties in regulating their emotions or behavioural issues. 

Conversations with the child and the family help me gain insight to be able to provide both parties the tools and support with which to overcome the child's mental health challenges. 

Help is available. Please contact me if your child or young adult needs guidance on their way to becoming an adult. 

Resolve psychological problems with the help of a psychiatrist

Psychiatry is devoted to helping patients with different mental health issues. These issues could be caused by depression or other difficult life events or more serious illnesses. 

From experience, I can say that the sooner we address troubling thoughts, the easier it is for the person to resolve their issues and improve the quality of their life.  

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Children's issues also need to be addressed promptly

I can support the child and the entire family by using different methods in child psychiatry and psychotherapy by both alleviating the symptoms and helping the child and the family to cope with them.  

My child psychiatry practices in Helsinki and Seinäjoki run on the basis of prearranged appointments. When you want to book an appointment or have a query, please send me a message by filling in the contact form here on the website! You can also phone me or send email. 

Addressing possible issues swiftly is important. Do not hesitate to contact me if your child is facing difficulties in their everyday life. 

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