Highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist and specialist physician in Helsinki

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I am a psychotherapist and a physician specialising in psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry, with practices in Helsinki and Seinäjoki. As a specialist physician, I am qualified to assess the severity of your illness and provide the required diagnosis. I can also issue Doctor's statement B, which is required by Kela in order for you to qualify for psychiatric rehabilitation. You can rely on my services as a highly qualified and experienced professional with a confident approach to many different psychological issues. Different life crises, depression and anxiety as well as weight management are my specialties. We can also work through many issues relating to rehabilitation together. 

Sometimes in life we go through crises, whether big or small, that we cannot resolve on our own. Some psychiatric conditions also require medication. It is, however, my policy not to renew prescriptions issued by other doctors. Contact me by text message or email and I will help you overcome your difficulties!

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If it works better for you, I can also arrange remote psychotherapy sessions. Don't hesitate to contact me – I'm here to help! 

A highly skilled psychotherapist is here to support you in the challenges that life throws at you. 

psykoterapia ikoni

Experience in wide range of issues in child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry

Decades of clinical experience as a psychiatrist helping patients of all ages. 

Monipuolinen koulutus, Marja Koski

A highly qualified psychiatrist with extensive training

If you have issues with with weight management or need help with rehabilitation, I can help you with these and many other challenging life events.

Tukea lasten ADHD:n kanssa, lääkäri Marja Koski

Support for families

I can help and support children who have psychological issues as well as their families.  

You don't have to face things alone – enlist the help of a psychotherapist 

A psychiatrist sets about to solve their patients' psychological issues in many different ways.  Conversations between the psychotherapist and their patient form the foundation of the therapy. The goal is to help the patient find the root causes of their issues and remove them.  

There are many forms of psychotherapy. The method I use is psychodynamic therapy, where the aim is to recognise and handle different feelings and internal conflict. When you learn to identify where their issues stem from, finding a solution becomes easier. 

I can help children and adults and support them through challenging situations in their lives. 

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A licensed psychotherapist and a physician specialising in psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry in Helsinki

Only a licensed psychotherapist can provide psychotherapy. I am a Valvira-accredited therapist and also approved by Kela. This ensures that my patients will receive appropriate care and treatment. 

I have worked in Helsinki as a psychotherapist for several years and also have a practice in Seinäjoki. I run my practices on the basis of pre-arranged appointments. My services are available for adults and young adults requiring psychotherapy.  

I am also a qualified in rehabilitation and administration and hold a degree of Licentiate of Medicine (MD).